” Holly has been my daughters tutor for almost a year now. I requested the assistance of Holly as my daughter wastutoring image
below her grade reading level in school and her teachers thought extra help would be helpful. In that short time my daughter’s reading level has improved to the point where she is now above where she needs to be for her grade. She has become more confident in her reading and now reads signs and billboards everywhere we go and even reads me her bedtime story.

Holly is someone who is patient and really cares about how my daughter is doing. She offers us resources between sessions so we can continue to work when she is not here and lets us know how my daughter is doing and how she has progressed over the last year.

My daughter gets stressed and upset when she cant get the hang of something and Holly made her feel at ease and let her work at her own pace. She didn’t push her past her comfort level and was able to teach her without it feeling like work. I would recommend Holly for any child that has difficulty with any subject. She has been a blessing.”

Christina – Mother of Grade 2 Daughter


” Holly currently teaches my son (gr-7) and my daughter(gr-3) for English and Math. I wanted to add a few things about Holly and my experience with her as my kids tutor.

1. She is very punctual. She always shows up right on time, almost like a human clock
2. She takes her teaching seriously and uses the time with my kids very efficiently
3. She often has an easy way to teach the students for even complicated topics
4. She always encourages my kids to study hard with additional homework.
5. She is reachable even after normal hours for any extra help with homework.
6. I have seen much improvement in my kids grade since she started teaching.
7. Finally, my kids love her for being so nice to them.

We are very happy with Holly and we plan to continue with her as long as possible. ”

Albeda – Father of Grade 7 Son and Grade 3 Daughter 


“Holly has been teaching my daughter for almost a year now and has started with my son this year! Holly has been an amazing teacher for my children. This year with my daughter she is helping out with Math and English , Math for my son. She is always available , even if it’s not our days for help, she is always there for them!! I don’t know what we would do without Holly😀 ”

Amanda – Mother of Grade 9 daughter and grade 7 son 


“Holly was in regular contact with my child’s teacher in order to tailor his tutoring to correspond with what he was focusing on in school.  She therefore was able to target specific areas that his teacher identified he needed extra practice with.  This has made a tremendous difference in his comprehension of the concepts he was being taught in school and his overall sense of mastery.”

Claudia – Mother of Grade 5 Son