All students are Unique

We’ve all been there….sitting in a classroom as a teacher talks at us from the front of the room trying to explain a concept that goes right over our head. I know I have! Sitting there wondering why am I not getting this? I felt frustrated and decided I didn’t like that subject.  But little did I know that the reason I was not understanding was because I was not receiving the information in the way that I learn best.

As the years go on we are finding more and more that there is no one size fits all approach to learning. Everyone is unique and therefore it only makes sense that everyone’s learning style is unique as well. By discovering your child’s learning style or the way they learn best , you can help avoid years of frustration, academic struggle and set them up for a positive life long learning experience.

What is a Learning Style?

Learning styles refer to the preferential way you absorb, process, comprehend and retain information. Individual learning styles depend on cognitive, emotional and environmental factors, as well as one’s prior experience.

Most people are familiar with 3 main learning styles – Visual Learners, Auditory Learners and Kinesthetic Learners.  Educational theorist Neil Fleming’s breaks it down into a fourth style in his VARK model of Student Learning. VARK is an acronym for –  Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing Preference, and Kinesthetic. To put it simply you may learn best by : looking, listening, reading /writing it down or doing it.



Why is it Important to know ?

As a parent discovering your child’s learning style will not only help you support them in their learning  experience but also in how you communicate with them. As an educator it is important to know our students learning style so we can implement best practices into our teaching method and ensure we are teaching in the way they prefer to learn. Allowing students to process information in the way they are most comfortable with will increase their academic confidence and create a more positive experience with school and learning.

How to determine your child’s Learning Style

Here are a couple links to a great questionnaire that will help start you off on determining your child’s preferred learning style .

Here at Steps 2 Success we incorporate an in depth learning style questionnaire and observation into our assessment before we develop your students Individual Learning Plan so we ensure your child is receiving instruction unique to their preferred learning style.

If you want more information on learning styles or to set up and assessment visit our Contact page to get in touch!

I leave you with these wise words….

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn” — Ignacio Estrada


Learning Styles
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